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Management- An Essentiality to Achieve Growth

Management institutes open the door to opportunities and success for you

‘No business in this world has made money with the poorer management’ the quote in itself has defined the worth of management practices. The management exists in the theories and principles of Chanakya, but the importance of management strategies have been understood in the 21st century. The globalization, liberalisation and privatisation has persuaded companies to carry on multiple tasks together, which ultimately needs management. The need of industries have been understood well by management institutes in Delhi.

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Management streams you can make your career in

  • PGDM

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course offered by MBA institutes in Delhi are of great value for the students and the industries that recruit them. PGDM Institutes are AICTE approved and this recognition holds a great value.
  • MBA

    MBA is equivalent to PGDM course and offers the same curriculum as offered by PGDM. the only difference that lies between the two courses is the affiliation. Many institutes in Delhi run deemed MBA courses which may or may not be AICTE approved. However, the course curriculum to is quite similar to that of PGDM.
  • Course curriculum

    Management is a professional course and thus the curriculum of the course involves practical activities along with theoretical classroom lectures. Training, workshops, presentations and live assignments are considered as important for management students.
  • Assessment

    Assessments are considered as important for getting through any of the exam or accomplishing a degree. However, assessments procedures are quite different in management institutes in Delhi. It is not confined to percentile or grades but the assessment criteria covers includes viva, aptitude, presentations etc. that improves the analytical skills of a person.

What people say about Management institutes in Delhi

  • A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team. Management has its importance in every sector. The efforts of team and the person who manages the team contributes to the effectiveness of the output. Management institutes in Delhi guides students as how to work on effective strategies in a team that could result in overall success of the industry. -By Shalini Garg, Faculty, HR Management
  • Management Institutes in Delhi are dedicated to give a professional environment to the students where they can enhance their personality, knowledge and outlook for working in an industry . -By Sarita Menon, Student IMS Noida
  • The activities like teaching methods and the faculties at Management institutes in Delhi make students professional, responsible and analytical. The transformation in their personalities give them great benefits. In addition to this, the institutes also focus on weaknesses of students regarding academics, extra curricular activities and communication skills. Various workshops and training sessions helps students in overcoming their weaknesses. -By Shaili Chopra, Career Counsellor
  • Management has become mandatory in every sector and any industry. Whether big or small , industries are focussed on managing multiple tasks in order to sustain the competition prevailing in the market. This necessity has been taken care of by management institutes in Delhi. They train students regarding many activities which even involve change management. -By Meera Singh, faculty , Digital Marketing management
  • The infrastructure of Management institutes in Delhi are quite impressive. The campuses are spread over 1800 sq ft. of area which is quite enough to set up many essential things like libraries, discussion halls, computer labs and seminar halls. -By Student, NDIM Delhi
  • Students passed out from Management Institutes in Delhi are placed in big multinational firms where they work efficiently and achieve growth. There are still many companies overseas that are seeking management professionals. The students are achieving rapid growth and new opportunities in various sectors after pursuing degrees like PGDM and MBA.
Sectors taking up management

Management is a necessity than just a strategy. There are none of the sectors left that are untouched of management strategies. From education to real estate sectors, industries are readily adopting management strategies and techniques, so that best results can be achieved with optimum utilisation of optimum resources.

Stats related to management

Employment of Management occupation is expected to grow by 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. This employment growth will be driven due to establishment of new industries, both small and big corporations. Ultimately, more employees would be needed to get the goals of the company accomplished in a better way.

Management institutes in Delhi

Getting qualification from a reputed institute adds value to your CV. IMS Ghaziabad, IILM, NDIM and FMS etc. are some of the institutes that offer best teaching and good placements to the students. While being a part of these institutions, one can achieve progress growth and ultimately better and better opportunities.

Management tools

Several business management tools are used by industries these days. The management institutes in Delhi give trainings , workshops, lectures and discussions on various tools like strategic planning, Customer Relationship management, employee engagement surveys, benchmarking, balanced scorecard, core competency, outsourcing, change management programs, Supply Chain Management, mission statement & vision statement, market segmentation and total quality management. By implementing these tools, industries are receiving huge benefits. That is the reason, management institutes in Delhi are focussing on teaching these tools to the students.

Qualities Required to reach on Managerial Level

Every person wants to touch the sweetness of success and wants to live it for long. When a person starts his career , he also wish to reach the managerial level soon as he wants to enjoy and at the same time enhance his power, position, praise, growth, development and learning. But the question is that is every individual capable of sitting at a managerial level? No! Some individuals are born leaders while others inculcate these qualities with a strong support system.

One of the strong supports system that brings such strong transformation in an individual is Management Institutes in Delhi. These are the specific platforms that help in inculcating managerial qualities in the individuals through various activities. The trainings, workshops, guest lectures and discussions help students to enhance their confidence, interaction power and grasping.

The students at Management Institutes in Delhi are given the environment where they can read , learn, produce and exchange new ideas. While attaining degree in management , the mind of a person becomes so trained and skilled that they can bring revolution in the field of business management. Now, with the transformation in the skill set, confidence and thinking, they can think and act like a manager, which is the first step towards success.

These changes and the knowledge attained in the classroom earns excellent job to the individuals with the great package. The skills achieved during the course makes them a good provider, planner and protector ( for the team and the company as a whole). The students are involved in many creative events and activities that make them a good planner. They implement these skills to get the effective and fruitful results. The step by step planning of managers make the goal accomplishment easy, smoother and result oriented.

1Are management students getting good job opportunities?
Since management has become a necessity in many organisations, recruiters are looking forward to hire managers. People are getting associated with job consultancies that hire managers. In other words, recruitment has become a necessary activity where industries need skilled individuals. They are seeking skilled individuals with great caution but hiring them at excellent packages
2Is it easy to achieve growth after doing PGDM from management institutes in Delhi?
Getting jobs was quite a difficult process three days ago and attaining growth was even difficult with the government sectors. The arrival of private sectors created huge opportunities for skilled people and till date there are many opportunities in the market for managerial and executive positions, if you are loaded with knowledge of your subject.